The Spore Creature Creator was released two days ago, and already the online Sporepedia has over 500,000 creatures! I can’t even imagine how large the content pool is going to grow to by early September when the full game comes out. Everyone on the team has their favorite creations, and – for me – the most interesting ones are the creatures made by people who can’t wait for vehicle editor:

Now, here’s a real modern-day magic trick. Download a copy of the Creature Creator, open the app, select “Create a Creature,” and then drag these png’s below into the window and watch what happens.

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  1. I’m using the trial edition of the creature creator, which I am running in windowed mode (and Firefox 3 for a browser), and it won’t let me drop the images into the app.

  2. @Katy: Be sure to select “Create a Creature” so that you can drag it onto the editor, not the title screen. Also, make sure you use the png’s at the bottom of the post, not the jpg’s at the top.

    @idem: The window would be the Creature Creator in editor mode.

  3. Soren, I’ve done both, and I get the slashed circle icon when I try to drag the PNGs into the window, which is in Build Mode. (Same thing happens in paint mode).

    If there’s anything I can do to get you a better error report, let me know.

  4. En français because no speack English

    1 télécharger créature png sur bureau
    2 ouvrir l’éditeur de créatures
    3 ouvrir créateur
    4 faire alt-Tab
    5 Faire track bouton droit souris du png à l’éditeur qui est dans la barre des taches

    Cela télécharge directement ton png dans l’éditeur de création

  5. Well, I have the demo version, in portuguese, working under Windows Vista x64, and it doesn’t work for me. It shows the slashed circle indicating it is not allowed, and, in fact, does not work when I release the button.

  6. Sorry mais toujours en français .

    Ne pas relâcher le bouton droit de la souris avant d’être dans le créateur .
    Par contre des fois et pour le même png je met 2 ou 3fois avant d’y arriver ? je ne comprends pas pourquoi .

  7. I had to save the images to explorer first then drag them over. It didn’t work from in the browser (FF3). Spore running in windowed mode on Vista 32bit.

  8. I was having the same issue. Take the png file from the webpage, then drag it to your desktop. Then, take the image on your desktop and drag that into the creature editor and it should work.

    I’m using firefox 3, Vista64, and the demo version of the creature editor.

  9. Thanks Tim, that got it to work. You can also drag & drop directly from IE7 to Spore Creature Creator. So it’s something about Firefox 3 that’s causing it to fail.

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