Today’s the Day!

Today, Offworld Trading Company launches on Steam Early Access! You can buy the game now at If you want to take a look at the game, we posted a number of videos on our YouTube channel, and I’ve embedded a single-player game below with my commentary.

Also, if you’d like to hear my thoughts on the game’s design, listen to these podcasts from the last month:

2 thoughts on “Today’s the Day!

  1. Hello. I am a big fan and listen to all of your podcasts and I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this game. I just fired up Steam and see that it is available. It is downloading as I type. Installing the Mac version.


  2. I recognize that you probably get many messages, so I’ll make this brief: I recently saw the early-release for Offworld Trading Company, your game in development. I am excited and impressed by what you’ve released so far, and look forward to seeing more. One quick thought, if you need more factions, you could always incorporate a Cooperative. Pioneers, those who yearn to breathe free, collectively pool their resources for a one-way trip in hopes of establishing a democratically-run corporation to help build a utopia on the harsh world of Mars. Cooperatives provide a fascinating business model that could incorporate well into a future discouraged with traditional business types, where economic depression has ravaged opportunities for development and where individual enterprise is stymied by monopolistic monoliths and crumbling state structures. In the present, companies such as Mondragon in Spain providing thrilling examples of systems incorporating free-market elements with directly democratic ideologies. Regardless of whether you listen to this request, I am positively curious and will be watching raptly as you develop this groundbreaking game.

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