Designer Notes #4: Henrik Fahraeus (with Jon Shafer)

In this episode, Soren interviews Henrik Fahraeus, who is a Game Director at Paradox Interactive, where he has worked on the Crusader Kings, Europa Universalis, and Hearts of Iron series. Also sitting in on the interview is Jon Shafer, lead designer of Civilization 5 and currently at work on his independent strategy game At the Gates. They discuss whether the Civ and EU games live in alternate dimension, whether provinces are better than hexes, and why it’s bad to have too many sons.

Games Discussed: Lords of Midnight, Seven Cities of Gold, Europa Universalis series, Hearts of Iron series, Crusader Kings series, Civilization series


One thought on “Designer Notes #4: Henrik Fahraeus (with Jon Shafer)

  1. FYI there is a “medieval RPG where all the chronicles are true”: Darklands was published by Microprose way back in the early 90s. You travel Hanse Germany fighting goblins and the occasional dragon with alchemy and prayers to saints. I’ve always wished someone would update this for modern times.

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