5 thoughts on “Three Moves Ahead Podcast

  1. BB:

    Other people ask for transcripts, but they take forever to do. Dictation software would just laugh at it because there are too many voices – that sort of thing needs a single voice library to work with.

    This is a radio show with no transcripts. Sorry. It is on iTunes, so you can listen to it while you drive or jog or cook or whatever.


    Tom’s cat is a complainer.

  2. I really enjoyed the podcast. It was one of the best I’ve heard discussing the future of strategy games. I share your sentiments exactly about the future of strategy games. The only way RTS/strategy games can survive is to migrate online and monetize via the web either via microtransactions, subscriptions, or paid DLC. The days of selling packaged goods are over for this genre unfortunately. I’ve always wondered why there hasn’t been a persistent MMO-like RTS. I hope someday this will come to fruition.

    I think what you were talking about building a site that is a “portal” for a suite of strategy games is compelling if executed properly. I look forward to seeing what you are building.

    I was also wondering what you thought about what Relic is doing with my favorite RTS game Company of Heroes. They are working with Shanda in China to convert it into a microtransaction based RTS. Do you think it will work and do you think it would translate here in the US? I look at my own usage and think about the few games that I play all the time. I would gladly pay a subscription fee or even purchase DLC if Relic supported COH much more frequently with new content, patches, etc.

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