7 thoughts on “Really?

  1. Wow… that’s like when Amazon or Netflix says “You liked [insert romantic comedy], you’ll probably enjoy [insert blood and gore horror film]!”

  2. You know… as soon as I opened this blog page an Evony ad popped up along the side. 😉


  3. Be sure to click on every Evony ad you see! (of course, don’t play the game – just try to drive them out of business…)

    The funny thing about the ad above was that it was served to me when I was playing Restaurant City on Facebook. I think the algorithms are starting to follow us around the Internet quite well now. Tin-foil hat time!

  4. I’m pretty sure that the Facebook ads are based on what you have in your profile. I’m half-tempted to put some “creative” things in there to test the theory, but I’m sure I’d regret that somehow, this being the internet and all. 😉

    Enjoyed the new Three Moves Ahead podcast, by the way. Send me a line whenever you enter beta. 😉


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