That’s SO Punk Rock!

I love this crazy Japanese cube game

I’ve always had a soft spot for minimalist music, both classical and not. I’ve never seen a game I would describe as minimalist, but there you go. In 100 years, when we’re all playing Mario 4096, that little flash app will STILL be fun. There must be something hard-wired into the human psyche (or, at least, my psyche) about evading predators, like little red cubes.

The really odd thing about the game is that it is actually deterministic. I didn’t notice it at first, but the pattern of the chase is always the same, which actually leads to (a little) high-level strategy. I keep getting killed in the upper-left corner at 20 seconds, so I do my best to remember to keep low after the 15 second mark.

Still, it’s begging for a random version. Is one available? Anyone know Japanese?

2 thoughts on “That’s SO Punk Rock!

  1. Strange, I’m playing Civ4 on Monarch after just 10 games or so, but I can’t last more then 15 seconds in that game 😉 🙂

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