Odds ‘n’ Sods

Sorry, it’s been awhile since I have updated the site. I’ve been working hard on my new “secret project” – which, of course, I can’t talk about. However, there have been a few random bits I should post about.

I had a “personal” interview” on NextGen, which wasn’t the usual batch of questions.

I did a podcast at Apolyton recently in which I discussed the release of Civ Chronicles, specifically my involvement in the extras provided in the package. (I redid my GDC presentation on prototyping Civ4 for the included DVD and wrote some articles for the book, such as this one on the Civ fan community. I also designed this card game for it.)

Speaking of my GDC presentation, a video of the PolyCon version is now available on Apolyton. Here’s a link to the first clip.

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