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So, subscribers of Game Developer magazine may have noticed that I have a new monthly writing gig. The April issue contains my first design column, entitled “Seven Deadly Strategy Sins.” I am actually sharing the column with Damion Schubert, of Bioware Austin, who is a noted MMO designer and fellow design blogger. I am glad to have a partner as I don’t want my admitted prejudices (designers should program; stories damage gameplay) to block out other viewpoints.

Readers of my blog may notice that – due to some tight deadlines – my first piece is essentially a rewrite of my 8 Things Not To Do entry from last year, this time with the focus solely on strategy games. My next column will be on the pluses and minuses of using 3D vs. 2D art and technology. I am just wrapping it up, so it won’t be seen in print for awhile.

At any rate, if readers have any suggestions as to future topics for discussion, I’d be interested in hear them…

2 thoughts on “Design of the Times

  1. I’d be interested to read a more extended writeup on digital game distribution. You’ve mentioned the subject previously, but briefly and quite a while ago. And there have been some interesting news in the area recently – Valve made its Steamworks available for free, Stardock is currently testing its very interesting Impulse system.

  2. I have a question, I don’t know if it will work for a whole article but I will ask any way. Have you ever had a time when you are design a game, have an idea, then later find out you can’t implement it because of a lack of technology?

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