Invading Three Moves Ahead

I’ve been on a few gaming podcasts over the years and have always enjoyed the experience. However, I usually thought my appearances were a little rough as I simply didn’t have enough practice. I imagined I could do a much better job if I got a few more shows under my belt. Late this summer, I had a little free time on my hands, so I asked Rob Zacny if I could sit in on a series of Three Moves Ahead shows as a “guest panelist,” and he graciously accepted. I’ve listed the six shows below; I hope I didn’t run out of things to say before the end!

#131 on Small-Scale Games

#132 on Age of Empires Online

#133 on City Builders

#134 (with Brian Reynolds) on Alpha Centauri

#135 (with Paul Sottosanti) on Board Games

#136 on Game Franchises

8 thoughts on “Invading Three Moves Ahead

  1. You’ve been a friend and supporter of the show from the moment I started it, so I was thrilled you could stick around for so long. SorenMania let to September 2011 being the biggest month for downloads ever.

    Thanks for coming on. Hope you can do it again.

  2. Rob Zacny has done a great job with Three Moves Ahead since he took the mantle of host, and your “internship”, as he calls it, has embiggened the show even further.

    The last few episodes have been excellent. Hope to hear you again as a recurring panelist now that your internship is coming to a close ;).

  3. As someone who watched all of your Making of Civ 4 videos on YouTube, this was instant download for me, now I have to burn it to a CD to listen to in my car (yes, I’m a fogey).

  4. Great job on the podcasts Soren. You’ve come a long way from the early modcasts where you’d start speaking louder when someone was about to interrupt you. Now you’re a smooth-talking, podcasting connoisseur. Looking forward to next years internship!

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