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One of the nice features of WordPress is a managed system for adding Pages, which are like permanent entries always available in my sidebar (or elsewhere if I change my theme). Besides my About Page, I’ve added one compiling all my interviews and chats over the years. It’s mostly for my own nostalgia, but if you want to relive the heady days of the Civ3 1.21 patch, it’s the place to be!

One thought on “Interviews Page

  1. Good times, good times…

    You’re missing:

    Your two-part interview on Polycast, albeit with butchered sound quality.


    The Civ4 release party chat at Apolyton, with your participation:

    Sadly, that’s only the raw chat log. Not sure if you’d want to post it. Though it was interesting.

    At ApolyCon, you did Q&A with Sid and Barry:

    You have to list those, given that you mention Call to Power in the Q&A 😉

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