Hello world! (Again!)

I have been blogging on and off (mostly off) for about two-and-a-half years now. Back then, I decided to use Movable Type, which seemed awfully powerful but turned out to be not very user friendly. Further, I kept seeing all these nice features on other people’s blogs (multi-category posts, pages, blogroll sections) which must have been more than a coincidence. Indeed, they all seemed to be using WordPress, which puts the most useful features right in front of the blogger. (I had to hack an About page on Movable Type, whereas it comes built-in on WordPress.) It began dawning on me that I may have made the dreaded Wrong Software Choice. Worse still, although I wanted to change, I had nightmares that I would basically have to start a new site from scratch, and my beloved designer-notes.com would fade away into obscurity.

Not so! Thanks to the awesome support at Living Dot, my old site is reborn on WordPress. I sent them an e-mail asking if this switch was possible and not even two hours later, I was looking at my new/old site. Huzzah!

I think it is a common mistake, actually, for “technical” people like me (hey, I’ve got the MS is CS to prove it!) to always go for the “more powerful” option when choosing software, even if it ends up being less powerful because we never make it past the beginning level. Just because I know C++ doesn’t mean I’m any better at html/php than the next guy.

5 thoughts on “Hello world! (Again!)

  1. You could put a “Powered by WordPress” somewhere in the right-hand bar perhaps, or some other place more visible than the very bottom.

  2. Hi Soren! I’ve been reading for a few weeks. Great stuff here.
    The new design is great. Very clean and readable. I just upgraded/replaced my own Blogger template (Classic to New) yesterday and decided to go with a minimalist black theme.

  3. Yeah, WordPress is truly awesome. I used it to create our April Fools site earlier this year (http://www.civjunction.com) and I instantly fell in love. We seriously considered switching all of Apolyton over to it, but unfortunately it’s just not powerful enough for that (it inspired us to look at other CMSes though).

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