Hello World!

So, here we go!

This is the first post of my game design blog. My name is Soren Johnson, and I am currently the Lead Designer of Civilization 4. I’d like to use this forum to publish designer notes based on the games that I have worked on.

The name “Designer Notes” comes from my nostalgia for the days when every game manual came with a hefty designer notes section in the back, in which the developers spun tales, explained decisions, and generally provided a window into the design process.

I hope to do the same here. Indeed, I’d like to get into the nitty-gritty; I might even start talking about numbers if I get carried away. Thus, a familiarity with my games will almost certainly help the reader. So, go out and buy Civ3! And Civ4 in 7 months! And if you are really hard-core, go find a copy of Knockout Kings 2000 (PSX). If the AI kicks you in the groin, you’ll experience my first contribution to the game industry!

At any rate, this site will probably lie dormant for a while – there’s not much I can talk about Civ4 publicly yet, but be sure to check back later this year.

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