Designer Notes 77: Cole Wehrle

In this episode, Soren interviews tabletop designer Cole Wehrle, best known for his work on Root, Oath, Pax Pamir, and John Company. They discuss whether John Company is satire, how the East India Company was like QWOP, and the importance of German postal rates. This episode was recorded on March 22, 2023.

Games discussed: Stratego, Dungeons and Dragons, Battlecry, Diplomacy, Mafia, Oath, Settlers of Catan, Struggle of Empires, High Frontier, Pax Pamir, John Company, Pax Porfiriana, Levy & Campaign series, Root, An Infamous Traffic, Republic of Rome, Greed Incorporated, QWOP, Kremlin, Power Grid, Old World

One thought on “Designer Notes 77: Cole Wehrle

  1. This is the best episode of DN so far! Listening to this, you really get an understanding of how Cole thinks about game design. As if I wasn’t already hooked, he refers to Republic of Rome, my favorite game of all time, as an inspiration.

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