Designer Notes #70: Justin Ma

In this episode, Soren interviews independent game developer Justin Ma, co-founder of Subset Games and best known for his work on FTL and Into the Breach. They discuss how he bombed his first game industry interview, why the AI in FTL can’t behave like a human, and whether Into the Breach should have unlimited undo. This episode was recorded on March 24, 2022.

Games discussed: Pitfall, Manhole, StarTropics, Top Sin, FTL, NetHack, Stone Soup, Spelunky, Into the Breach, XCOM series, Wildermyth, Old World

2 thoughts on “Designer Notes #70: Justin Ma

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  2. Really liked hearing how Justin approaches making games, and how much uncertainty they had putting things together for both games. Inspired me to get to work on a card game idea I’ve had floating around for a couple weeks.

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