Designer Notes 25: Sid Meier – Part 3

In this episode, Soren Johnson interviews legendary game designer Sid Meier, best known for designing Pirates!, Railroad Tycoon, and Civilization. They discuss why dinosaurs need to have ranged attacks, how deals go down on the SimGolf course, and if Civ games have an ideal length.

Games discussed: CPU Bach, Magic: The Gathering, Hearthstone, Gettysburg, Dinosaurs, SimGolf, Pirates!, Railroads!, Civilization Revolution

2 thoughts on “Designer Notes 25: Sid Meier – Part 3

  1. Hi

    Thanks (and to Sid!) for doing such an extensive interview – I’ve been really enjoying them. 🙂 I notice this part again seemed to stop rather than finish – is there a part 4 waiting to be released?


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