This Will Surely End Badly

So, I have finally joined the pseudo-masses and am now on Twitter. I’m not sure how this will all play out – perhaps my blog will someday report that I lasted twittered 283 days ago – but it’s worth a try. I’ll be twittering my GDC thoughts this week (assuming I can make it work from my BlackBerry). Come to think of it, this might actually allow me to record the GDC notes I’ve always wanted to take but never did (or misplaced). Also, by twittering, I’ll get to skip writing my annual, three-months-late GDC summary! So, there’s that…

3 thoughts on “This Will Surely End Badly

  1. Sorry I didn’t bump into you this year at GDC. Just started using Twitter three weeks ago myself. If you do any Twitter searching for GDC feeds, just prepend a pound sign before “GDC” to create a topic tag. (e.g., “#gdc” or “#gdc09” were used by a lot of tweets.)

  2. My fingers are crossed that the twitter fad will evaporate in a few months.

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